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A film homage made possible by fans around the globe
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This is an independent, non-profit, artistic expression created purely for fun.

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... The Characters

Lady Lara Croft (Valerie Perez)
She was raised by Lord and Lady Croft in an aristorcratic lifestyle. At age 21 a jet with her, her mother, father and fiancée went down in the Himalayas killing everyone but Lara. Two weeks later she wandered into a small village, her whole world changed.

Wu-Chen Li (DC Wolfe)
Chen has spent most of his life trying to gain the respect of his father, a powerful Triad mob boss who sees him as a reminder of a regretted affair with a Caucasian woman. Hiring his own team of mercenaries, Chen seeks the dragon to please his father and get what he deserves.

Frank (Keith Carter)
Frank is the kind of guy you don't want to get on the bad side of. With deadly ability, he has moved up the ladder of crime syndicates. Early on he recruited Rob - the only person he almost trusts. Frank has done many deals with Chen and is the only person who isn't afraid of him.

Rob (Gary Alonzo)
Probably the only almost honest guy in crime. Always the quick talker, he uses his wit to get Frank and him out of trouble. Rob got into crime by a chance meeting wih Frank and quickly adapted to the lifestyle. Rob is making tonight his last job for he has a wife and an unborn son.

Campbell (Eric Jacobus)
This rookie won't take crap from anyone. He has been expertly trained in martial arts from age 4. Bored with regular life, he began doing runs for crime syndicates and landed in with Frank. For now he must pay his dues and do the work that Rob and Frank won't.

Billy Lo (Andy Leung)
One of Chen's rookies who stands guard at the back entrance of Chen's warehouse. Billy came to the USA at age 13 from China where he was already in with the Triads, doing runs and errands. Expertly trained in various martial arts, he likes to mouth off a lot and it often gets him into to trouble.

... Film Makers

Director (Nick Murphy)
This Los Angeles Film school graduate recently interned at the The Donners’ Company, run by esteemed producer Lauren Shuler Donner and legendary director Richard Donner. Murphy's biggest project yet, Tears Of The Dragon, will be a true testament to low budget, guerilla style fan filmmaking.

Producer (Valerie Perez)
The diverse background she has with pyrotechnics, visiting places off the beaten path, and the cosplay world equipped this computer geek very well to coordinate and network a project such as this. She is a certified Fire Safety Officer, confidant of explorer groups such as the Desert Dogs and a comic book/cosplay model with a bachelors degree in NeuroScience.

Music Composer (Bekki Williams)
Bekki performed her first solo concert at the tender age of 8. She won a scholarship to a national music school at the age of 11, and has played in several regional orchestras. Classically trained for many years on the flute from the age of 10, and eventually studying the saxophone and piano, she is now better known for her warm, emotive, symphonic synthesiser arrangements and trademark melodies. She has composed for radio programmes, and has worked as a session musician in several recording studios.

Makeup Effects (Dominic Alfano)
With fellow makeup special effects artist, Catlin Carroll, his all out goal for "Tears of the Dragon" was to make people bleed... This man can do it all from beauty to prosthetics with a particualr fondness for buckets of gore and custom body parts. With his help, anything is possible.

Visual Effects Consultant (Joel Eckert)
Using applications such as 3d Studio Max, Avid, Adobe After Effects and Adobe PhotoShop there is little he can't do. He has worked on many professional projects. His credits include Return of the Living Dead 4 Necropolis and Return of the Living Dead 5 Rave to the Grave. He has directed and starred in his own film, Star Wars Episode 1A.

Sound Design (Brian Magrum)
After graduating from Chicago's Columbia College with a Bachelor's in Sound, working two years as a broadcast technician at Des Moine's leading TV station, and testing Quake 4 for the Xbox 360, this handsome go-getter now loves to take movies in the rough and painstakingly make them bigger, stronger, louder, and somehow faster. When not working on sound, Brian can be found in the produce aisle of your local Von's grocery store punching fruit.