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Director's Logs
Rated PG-13 for frank language

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First shooting day -- Stardate: blahblahblah (actual date Feb 6th, Friday, 2004)Our crews is manly

I wake up at 4:30 a.m. to meet up with head monkey extraordinare and producer Dave Leuck ! at 5:30 outside.

We are then to travel east on the 10 freeway here in Los Angeles all the way out to B.F.E. (bum fuck egypt) to meet up with Val by 8:30.

Much coffee ensues.

We are going to shoot Lara doing what Lara does best, raid tombs, or in this case, abandoned caves.

Well, 260 plus miles later we all reach our shooting destination, finally.

Test shots from above Thing is, Val is looking for a particular entrance to these under ground caves, and has narrowed it down by process of elimination from previous scouting trips.

We are out in the middle of NO WHERE man ! I'm talking, rocky desert with mountains and birds waiting for you to drop it like it's hot !

We finally find an awesome cave after about an hour of scouting and decide to bust out the first couple of shots for the opening of the flick.

In order to get to this cave, we have to Tom Cruise our way down the steep, slick, rock into the opening yaw of the cavern, which isn't easy. As always, I don't care if I fall, protect the camera dude !

After some successful shots, we head out to find the original opening.

We actually don't, but end up finding other awesome locations instead.

The only trouble was, Val ran out of flares, so we decide to call it a day and turn out and head back.

One problem, it's getting dark, and if it did we couldn't find our way back, we be f'ed. Out in the middle of no where, stuck.

Well, we missed our turn coming in and had to back track our way out in the jeep to finally find paved road. Whew, close call.

After a tired day of first shooting, Dave the head Monkey, Val the Tomb Raider and a exhausted but happy writer director drive the 260 plus back home to Los Angeles.

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