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Shooting Day 14 -- Stardate: .237980694059605940393049504023023394039740389784093749087 and one half (actual shooting date Saturday, July 2nd, 2005)

Let us introduce you to these awesome make-up artists We wrapped (finished shooting) at 5:30 a.m.

Yes - 5:30 in the morning.

Was it suppose to go that late?


Did things happen almost beyond our control to cause us to start late and wrap late?


When you shoot, you have to expect that no matter how hard you plan, things CAN and DO mess up. These things number in the billions.

Our call time was at 7 pm. Val and I were going to get there early at 6-ish to get to setting up lights and the chromakey blue screen for promo photos, etc.

Director and 2nd AD discuss shots Today we were going to do many things on this flick that up till now, we haven't done. Use two cameras. Have a shootout with Lara, special effects make-up for bullet wounds, scars and abrasions, etc.

So my buddy Josh (who was to act as my 2nd Camera Operator and 2nd AD for today) comes by around 5. We wait for Val to get her hair done for the shoot. As you Lara look-alikes can attest, takes forever and has to be done right.

Val calls to let me know that her hair appointment has been pushed back and she's running late for it and she still has to go back to her house and grab the stuff we need anyway.

I tell her that as long as we get there by 6 we will be fine.

She says we won't be able to.


Problem one. We were gonna be late to a very professional studio location.

Josh and I wait some more with all the equipment and I check my email.

Problem 2.

One of my henchmen for the scene e mails me at the last minute, sick can't be there

Problem 3. Our fire safety officer who was in charge of operating the pyrotechnics that night is also sick.

Lara gets FX make-up So we are down one guard, one fire safety officer, and we are already running late.

Then Dominic (my brilliant make-up guy) calls me, he can't find the place. In fact, Natalia (behind-the-scenes video), and Abe (another henchman) ALL can't find the place. So for about 20 minutes its me calling everyone and giving them directions and phone numbers to call each other and find each other.

Problem 4. Val calls and I tell her that there are already people there, she says 10 more minutes on the braid but bad news - the original place we wanted to shoot (at the warehouse) is being used by another film crew, so all their left over equipment is still there, and the alleyway we wanted is also booked, so Austin (one of the owners of the location) said we will have to shoot at a place Val and I didn't get to see yet. Now we don't even know what that part of the location looks like.

Val and her mom and Dan-o (our pilot from the last shooting day) finally show up and we quickly load up the rest of our equipment.

Problem 5. Val isn't dressed as Lara, meaning she has to change there.

Problem 6. the guy who did her hair, sucked at it and the back looks like crap.

Val is not happy.

I'm not happy.

We're already over 2 hours behind schedule.

But we push on.

Close-up filming So we rush over there and see the place in the warehouse we are suppose to shoot. Not useable at all. Now it's almost dark and we haven't even set up yet.

So Val asks Rocky (the awesome tech guy who lives at the location and helps crews get set up) if that alley happens to be available. He tells us they just cleared out most of their stuff from there and we can use it. Thank God.

We run the equipment over there and Rocky walks us through the place. After some initial setup Val changes and then gets into make-up for cuts and stuff. Dominic and Catlin all begin to make her look like she's been killing lots of people and kicking ass all night.

Josh and I set up the cameras and light the scene. We walk Abe through it. The scene is, him and Dominic (also our make-up guy, last minute used as a henchman !!!) are to give each other cover fire as they pin Lara down with a hail of bullets near the base of some stairs. Then Abe runs, launches himself off a wooden box and over the rail of the dock. Dominic then runs and rolls under the rails and they both take cover.

We shoot that a few times, while Dan, Tina and Val set up the pyrotechnic device so it can shoot out of some "pipes" we've rigged up.

Problem 6.

We didn't even get to the first few shots of the night till near 11. So we shoot fast. Two cameras are awesome cause it gives me more coverage at the same time.

Then Val gets ready in position. Her back is against the lower base of the stairs and the crew gets the "squibs" (gun shots) rigged up near her.

The make-up team of bad assness did a FANTASTIC job. Val looks cut and bleeding, abrasions and scratches line her elbows and neck. Sweat drips down her face and hair.

She looks PISSED (for the scene, Val is normally an affable little bucket of happiness) and it is a beautiful site.

For the first time, in the almost 2 years since we've started Lara gets to kick ass. And by kicking ass, I don't just mean, pulling out her guns. She gets to shoot her guns, kill people, and fight off Chen.

Lead actor and fight coordinator joke around I couldn't of been happier right now if you told me I just won a year supply of Oreos and never had to work again.

After she disposes of the bad guys we wrap Abe (Sir, you delivered hands down, thank you) and we move on to the dialogue followed by a fight scene with DC.

Problem 7.

Since we started late, the dialogue fight is being done way past 2 in the Morning. People are tired but we have to step up and nail it so we can wrap DC for good on this picture. It doesn't help that our fight choreographer Ron is also under the weather but has shown up anyway.

So we shoot, two cameras going and kept pushing for the next 3 and a half hours.

Afterwards, as the sun began coming up, We were exhausted. We broke down the set and loaded up everything. Val drove Josh and I back, still caked in her make-up blood.

All of us sleep deprived. We were pretty sure we got good stuff, but not entirely. I had to get up in two hours to take a bus out of town to film one of my good friends wedding day so the last thing I was thinking about was what just happened.

Time was against us that night but let me tell you what DID happen that was good, cause not everything was bad. I found this out as I waited in line at Greyhound, I realized that I had the footage still in my camera bag. (at least from my camera) Curious, I took it out to look at it. Slowly a big smile crept to my face.

Natalia documenting behind-the-scene moments Even though we were late; even though we lost important people to the sick bug; (hope you guys are feeling much better by the way); even though a million things seemed to go wrong what was on the view finder looked absolutely right - that is what matters.

Bear with me on this, because with out these people below, this movie would not be nearly as good that day.

Val. You are amazing. Not only did you step up that day and do the pyrotechnics, but you were more Lara like than I've ever seen you. You've given this director more than he asked for. You're a gem and not only a very fine Lara but my best friend. Thank you. You're my rock of a producer.

DC. I may have wrote Chen but, you sir, CREATED him. You've breathed a life into that character and have created a good adversary for Lady Lara. I know you're modest and don't like praise in front of others but the chances of you reading the directors log are slim and I'm so proud of your fucking stellar performance in this flick I'm just gonna say it. I'm glad I met you and it was a pleasure working with such a great actor. I hope we work together on many more projects.

Natalia. You're a little trooper. Constantly filming all night without complaint. Being able to run with it all and hit the ground running. Those are the traits of a good filmmaker, which I know that you are.

Dan and Tina. Thank you so much for lending us your time, energy, and vehicles that day. You're both very sweet and kind people. You are always going above and beyond for us on this shoot. I wish I could give back ten fold what you've done. There is no movie with out you.

Mike. First time working with you sir. But you were there. You stepped up to the plate and did anything we asked and without you that day, it would've been that much more difficult.

Rocky. Thanks for doing what you do everyday you work, but to me it seemed that you did it ten times better for us. You're a very cool and one of a kind guy. Thanks for your energy, time and patience with us.

Abe. I've already thanked you. Hahahahahaha.

Dominic and Catlin. I meant it when I said that you are, fortunately or unfortunately depending on who you ask, going to work on every movie I ever do, ever again. I never need another make-up team. Which is a good feeling to have. You guys are talented and highly skilled. Nooch sir, nooch indeed.

Ron. Shit man, thank you. Without you there, things would've fallen apart in stunts, the fight everything. You have a calm presence on set and I'm so glad I met you. You're a great guy and I hope to put you in one of my flicks in front of the camera this time. I'm sorry you were sick and wish you the best. Thanks man.

Joshua. Dude. I already thanked you. hahahahahahah, man, that never gets old. But thanks again, you know you kick ass.

Tim. You've constantly been there for Val and I and I thank you for that here. I also hope to be able for us to buy you lunch when you're cover from being sick. Yours and Val's pyro explosions MAKE this movie so much better. Thanks so much again.

I think that's everybody that day.

But I also wanted to thank the Lara fans. All of you at Lara's home, for your support. ALL the Lara fans on all the websites around the world. You guys and girls have been so supportive and that is highly appreciated. Because this movie is not only ours, it's yours too. It's for you to hopefully enjoy, cause we've all worked so hard to bring her (Lara) to life in a good vision.

One thing I've also realized. We're almost done. We have 3, or 4 more shooting days tops. And that will be it.

Sorry this one took so long to write and read. But, so much happened that day.

Next up: Comic Con in San Diego, which we have a panel with Sean Rourke. Stop by and see us if you're there !!

Take care all. Until next time, keep those cameras rolling.


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