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Director's Logs
Rated PG-13 for frank language

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Shooting Day 2 -- Star Date: watchamacallit
(actual date: March ish, Friday, 8: a.m.)

Val found us a cave in in Los Angeles we could use to do the last pick up shots.

Pick up shots, no worries, right? Pick up shots for those who may not know, are shots that you missed before, or need to get, in order to add more to movie. These are small easy shots usually reserved for second unit.

We don't have second unit. We barely have a first.

We get there, only to find out some one else is already using one side of the cave, to shoot their movie.

Undeterred by the bigger crew, we ask if we (we being Dave, Val and me) can shoot quietly on the other end.

They say, no problem-o.

We say, bitchin'.

So we go, and we're setting up the shot only to be run off by park rangers because we didn't have a permit.


Shooting Day 2 take 2 -- Star Date: partridge in a pear tree1234567 (actual date: May 7th Sat.)

It's back to the closer cave that we got kicked out of before. This time we be there at 6 a.m. !

No one is around so we bust out our shit and whoop ass !

On the set with Lara WOO-HOO !

Then it's on to a water fall location, also near by, for the end shot.

Well, this too is in a park, and of course, we don't need no stinkin' permits, right?!


We end up shooting what we can, with Val coming out from under the water fall, Baywatch style (hey, gotta have sexy Lara somewhere) and wouldn't you know it, a few hours later, busted by the man !

It's cool, we got some fantastic shit. And next time we go back there to do pick ups, we just may have to do that whole permit thing.

Thing is, permits cost mad bank out here in Cali, and anyone not extremely loaded with cash who ISN'T enrolled in school anymore (sigh) needs to have one to shoot, well, pretty much anywhere.

If this were MO, we'd have no problems.


Doing the director thing But, we all push on, we push on cause we care, and WE WANT TO MAKE A DAMN GOOD LARA FILM !

The synergy on this has been, outstanding and just, everyone who is helping out on this, and coming together to help see this vision come to life, you guys rule the pool, more than you will ever know, and certainly more than I could ever remotely express by writing alone.

And to all the fans of Lara (and hopefully our flick)

You guys already know you rock.

To my loving and supporting friends and family. You get a shout out too, simply because I wouldn't be here, typing this now, if not for you. You know what ya did !

So, here's to our next couple of months of shooting.

If you've read this far, congrats.

Go get your self a cookie or something.

You'll hear the rest come next shooting day

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