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Shooting Day 3 -- Star date: August 29th, 1997, Judgment Day (actual non-gibberish date June 11th 2004)

Well, we had to finish the end waterfall shots. Now all we have is two more tiny shots to get and the last half of the movie will be done!

As it stands, we will have most of the beginning, most of the end and none of the middle, which is what we will need. And we will get it mind you, it's just gonna take time.

We got there just in time to finish this scene. The one problem I thought we would have was that we were shooting at a different time during the day, so the lighting might not match up. But we got it to thanks to the miracle of God.

We finished right on time, cause as we left the park, 5 school busses pulled up and kids poured out of there quicker than a can of OJ shot at with a mini gun.

Can't have Lara kicking butt with kids walking by and pointing it out.

We then wrapped and went to find another location. This one was NOT easy to get to. We had to hike 3 miles across treacherous, evil terrain, sculpted out of the earth when God was cranky. It wasn't easy to find cause this location is hidden. But it was worth it, it definitely rules and I can't wait to go shoot there.

Then we hiked back 3 more miles, but it didn't seem as hard.

These locations are worth it. This movie is going to kick major, major gluteus maximus. (look it up)

We are planning to shoot some more soon, and as always, you will be updated!
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