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Rated PG-13 for frank language

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Shooting Day 4 -- Star date: June 32nd, 3004 (Actual Date: August 6th, 2004) Hiking to location

So it's our 4th shooting day on the flick, (for anyone counting) and it is definitely, thus far, one of the more important ones. We gonna work with fire !

It was up to Head Monkey Dave, lovely Val, and myself to hike the 2 and a half miles each way through the rocky terrain of the canyons to our cave location. Rocky terrain in the hot sun... rocky AND woody terrain in the hot sun, with a couple pounds of equipment each, including our pyrotechnics. (For what you won't know till the flick premieres. hee hee hee)

Well, on the way we were viciously attacked by a baby deer.

Not really, but that would be pretty exciting, we did see a young deer though and all took it as a good sign.

Exploring for shots So we finally get to our location, a beautiful winding cave with tunnels and caverns. Really cool, very Tomb Raider. The cave is pitch black so we had to bring plenty of flash lights, etc. Well, after doing some camera tests and getting that set up we decided to shoot. I lit the caves again, with Val's underwater floodlight as the key source of light only and I white balanced it to film like it is filming sunlight.

In other words, it looked really cool. Gave the cave a distinct glow from the light. Every scene is lit and shot differently, which, who knew, is kind of what I'm going for here. I don't want to repeat myself, each scene has to have its own feel tone and lighting wise. And this can be a problem when once again you are in a cave and the only light is the flash light. One doesn't want to repeat the same lighting with the flare from the start of the flick cause then it looks the same. You have to set the tone early and be consistent.

Well, things were going very well for most of the shoot, little to no problems, until we get to the pyrotechnics, which took about 15 takes, no joke to get it to finally work. After we did get it to work however (which was amazingly stupendous) we started to do our multiple takes. We were in a cave where the ventilation wasn't the greatest and we got smoked out a couple of times, hacking and wheezing our way to fresh air.Working the camera

So we ended up having to move our location to another part of the cave, but the good news is, it was all worth it ! I have no doubt in my mind that you guys will be blown away by this movie.

Afterwards we drove home in 6 o'clock traffic after hiking back the way we came, worn out. But such is the life, and we all look forward to the next shooting day !
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