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Rated PG-13 for frank language

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Shooting Day 5 -- Star date- Walla Walla Bing Bang and a bag of Chips. (ACTUAL DATE Nov. 13th, 2004)

Where can I start? Where can I start? This shoot was probably one of our toughest we have ever had to do thus far.

We were going back out to the desert for this one. Yup, another 255 plus miles each way from here in Los Angeles.

Our friend Javier and his beautiful 1966 ENGLISH Land Rover Cecilia, were to accompany us to the desert this day.

He himself was towing the '66 on a U-Haul trailer with his 97 Land Rover. He was going to meet up with us somewhere on the 10 freeway as we made our way out east.

Well, I got up about 2:45 am and went outside at 4 am to wait for Val and Dave.

They didn't show up till 5 am (technical difficulties). I wasn't going to let that bring us down though and we pushed on to Val's moms about an hour away to switch out the car we were driving for her moms jeep so we could all have four wheel drive action for this.

About 6-ish we are loading up the Jeep and Javier calls.

One of our very flat tires He got a flat tire.


So we go meet up with him on the 10. And not only did HE get a flat on his truck, but the U-HAUL trailer blew out a tire and stupid U-Haul was going to send a guy out from a store AN HOUR AWAY from where we were. Although it should be noted that another U-Haul  store was 10 minutes away near Foothill. Why they didn't just call that store to send a guy out, I have no clue.

So now, it's option time.

It's about 7:30 now, we still haven't hit the road all the way yet and it looks like we might not be able to get out there till 2. See, we're working with daylight here and time, and we're running out of both.

Stuck on the freeway Well, here we are, quite a funny sight. Standing out in the cold on the side of the freeway, thinking up plans. We don't want to waste this shoot day so we think of an option to maybe shoot at the end of Jan.

This sounds good because the point is, we don't want to rush this thing. Go all the way out to the desert and only film for an hour? That's like making out with someone and then leaving them 2 minutes in to go wash your car. I like to think I'm a fast filmmaker, but I'm not that fast.

So we think about rescheduling, cause it's almost 8. Now, normal speed, we could still get out there in time. But Javier is pulling this heavy trailer and very cool straight out of the video game Land Rover (it's English by the way) and can only go so fast with out over heating. So we guessti-mate traveling 35-40 mph up hill, and 50-55 on straight away with out the truck over heating.

One option we came up with, if the U-Haul guy doesn't show in time, is going nearby to shoot at the caves from Shooting Day 4.

But Val forgot her other Lara Top at home and going all the way back to get it PLUS back out there to those caves would take too long.

Another option was just have Spielberg loan us the money to shoot. I liked this one the best, but was unanimously ruled out.

U-Haul guy shows up. Although he did call and say it would only take 2 more minutes. It actually took 15 more. I never wanted to hurt a U-Haul guy so bad. But realized no one else could change the tire.

And Dave calls me over and says, "Y'know, it is possible if Javier can push it, we can get out there by noon ish and have a few hours to film."

I thought of the odds. They weren't good. A kitten in a room full of those zombie dogs from 'Resident Evil' had better odds. And why is everyone coming up to me for the decision making? What do I look like, a director? Wait, don't answer that. Then I thought, what the hell, what kind of a filmmaker doesn't take risks. Look at 'Home Alone 3?' I said, "Okay, let's do this, but we have to BE there no later than 1" "Okay."

Finally back on the road We travel. Val busts out a tape on how to speak with an English accent for acting, and practices. (I think that's the coolest thing ever BTW. She is really really doing herself and Lara fans proud by not only acting as Lara, but becoming her with each shoot)

Noonish we arrive in Blythe, and refuel.

1-ish we are off roading toward the destination. We then have to stop and take off the '66 so the trailer doesn't get another flat. (I'd like to see the U-Haul guys come OUT HERE, A HA !) And still, we have 7 more miles to go and its almost two and we still haven't shot anything. Then, it happens. Murphy's Law. The '66 gets stuck in this gully and we have to wench it out with the other Land Rover.

It's now past 2. We still haven't shot. So I say, "Screw it, we shoot here."

Val wants to take pictures, so every one does that while I set up the camera settings and get ready to shoot.

For the next 2 and a half hours we shoot so fast it'll make your head spin. After awhile I wasn't even stopping the camera to cut it anymore. I was letting it roll while I covered the angles and adjusting the lighting on the fly. But we did it. Somehow, someway we did it, and it looks nice, very very nice. I'm not gonna lie here. Then we drove ALL the way back to Los Angeles, doing mostly 45 mph and didn't get home till almost 1 that next morning.

Lara Off-Raoding In the first 2 minutes of the flick, there will be more in game references than you can shake a stick at. Keep your eyes peeled.

It's been a full year since pre-production till now. And just so you all know, once we shoot again in December, we will be over half way done with the flick. It's coming together nicely and I can't for you guys to see this thing. Hell, I CAN'T wait to see this.

Thanks for the support and reading this far in the directors log. Until next time, keep those camera's rolling.
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