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Shooting Day 7 -- Stardate: I wonder who would win between an aggressive amoeba or the T-Virus from 'Resident Evil'??--(Actual Date: December 13th, 2004)

Well people, today marks the last day of shooting for this year. Now we are going to take a much needed rest and shooting hiatus and start again toward the end of January. Come January we will really be pushing it out. We shoot then, then again in San Francisco in February and finally do the last few scenes in March. I hope to be done by March. And by done, I mean done shooting, post production is a whole other ball of wax. I know I've said I hoped to be done by this last November. But life happens. We are targeting this summer for the big release and we are also considering two premiers. One here in Los Angeles, and possibly San Francisco. Depends.

If Spielberg buys the flick and gives us a ga zillion dollars or A for effort.

But, we made our goal. Our goal was to have the scenes we shot done by this date, and we have.

Today was a historic day because it was the first day I shot with out our Lara. That's right, Val was not on set today. Call it second unit, call it whatever you want, but it was a pretty easy day.

Steve, who is playing the assassin in the flick, was going to meet up with me at city hall, and from there we would drive to our location. The night before, Steve and I talked about possible wardrobe styles. Good thing about wardrobe on a low budget flick? You are wardrobe. I said let's try it two ways, one of them being a sharply dressed hit man. I find it quite cool to have a guy dressed up, walking through the jungle.

Val met me to give me the prop gun and then went back to work (we do have day jobs, she's not Lara all the time). Steve pulled up shortly thereafter. He had five o clock shadow and a dark blue blazer with a white shirt and khakis. He looked like Tom Cruise from, "Collateral" except, he looked nothing like Tom Cruise. He did have that feel though, which is what I wanted even though we both have never seen "Collateral". I want to though. Anyone else see it yet? I like the Cruise Control, he should be in our movie. Like for 5 seconds and Lara kills him. Any one know Cruise Control? Get a hold of him will ya?

Smoking during the scene We have to get some cigars though, cause I want him (Steve) to smoke cigars. So we go to this cigar shop in Westwood and wait for them to open. Well they do and we go in, and this kid comes in looking for cigars for Governor Schwarzenegger, cause he's gonna be in town today.





Arnold should be in our movie too. As like Lara's mentor or something. It could go like this.....

"Okay, Lara, whad I vant yew ta deew, iz grab zis hear and lift ! DEW IT ! CRUNCHES ! LEE--FT IT! GET STRONGAH ! Get to you-ah privaht choopah !!!"

Sorry, got carried away again.

Hidden LA jungle We get there and start shooting, a lot. The garden area looked very jungle- esque and served as a perfect back drop for our water fall scene at the end. This is a garden park here in California and it speaks Tropical.

While shooting a Gardener walks up and says, "hey, I'm the one of the gardeners here, what's going on?"

"Hey, we're just filming."

"Well, you usually need a permit for that."

Being very close to a college, I just went for it. "You do? It's for class and it's due tomorrow."

He bought it like it was on sale. "Yeah, well most people that come in here need permits you know, cause they want to do all these crazy complicated shoots, is that a gun?" (looks at Steve's prop gun)

"Uhh, no, it's a prop gun see, totally harmless. We'll be done real soon."

"Okay, well, if you get stopped again, just tell them you talked to Mike and it's cool."

"Awesome, thanks Mike."

Viewing the footage afterwards He left and Steve and I grinned. THAT'S how you DEW IT !

I've realized that we have the entire last half of the flick. And, almost all of the entire beginning.

So thank you. Thank you for all of your support, and believing in us. We are ALL working so very hard to turn out the best movie of all time.

You know it's funny, Hollywood spends 80 million a pop for two Lara Croft movies, and it doesn't work. We spend the price of a sandwich for one of the producers on the Hollywood Lara movie and are already turning out a better movie with a lot more heart. Just goes to show you, you put your mind to it, and anything is possible.

Happy Holidays, and we will see you all next year !!

Oh, by the way, what do you guys think of using the theme song to 'Flash Dance' as Lara fights a lot of bad guys??!! Huh ! Huh?! Cool, right??

Yeah, I didn't think so either..........

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