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A film homage made possible by fans around the globe
Tomb Raider and Lara Croft are trademarks of Eidos Interactive / Core Design
This is an independent, non-profit, artistic expression created purely for fun.

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        Part 1 - "Out of the Tomb"   7 mins 26 secs
        Lara Croft is on the trail of the Jade Dragon and finds deadly competition

        Part 2 - "Playing for Keeps"   6 mins 15 secs
        The Tomb Raider, a crime boss heir and top mercenaries reveal dangerous plans...

        Part 3 - "It Hits the Fan"   12 mins 28 secs
        Tempers, fists, and bullets fly as Lady Croft clashes with an underworld of killers.

        Part 4 - "Death & Rebirth"   12 mins 50 secs
        Only the toughest player reaches the final level.