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Press Releases

Tomb Raider: TEARS OF THE DRAGON World Premiere (.pdf)

News Features and Media Coverage:

Fan Film Podcast
March 1st 2008 -- "Very informative and very entertaining" interview with film makers regarding the shooting of 'Tears' as well on a variety of Fanboy (and girl) topics across the board involving comics, conventions, and on a variety of Fanboy (and girl) topics across the board involving comics, conventions, and movies.

Dec 15th 2007 -- Italian comic news site article regarding Valerie Perez's new comic book feature - scroll halfway down for english translation.  New

Tomb Raider
Nov 14th 2007 -- The entire movie can now be viewed online via TRC's new streaming service.
Oct 2007 Issue -- Article on new comic book movie in development starring Valerie Perez.

Femme Fatales Magazine
Sept 2007 Issue -- See four pages of our Lara Croft actress/film maker Valerie Perez in the men's lifestyle magazine devoted to the beautiful women of entertainment.  Coming soon!

Comic Book Bin
April 17th 2007 -- Pop Culture news site uncovers the film's release dates in interview with our Lara Croft and film maker Valerie Perez.

Superhero Hype! Fan Film Spotlight
August 2006 -- 'Tears of the Dragon' made the top four featured by SHH's excellent co-founder Chris 'Excelsior' Mason!

San Diego Comic Con International Magazine
Summer 2006 -- Film school announced and film maker/actress Valerie Perez interview with photo.
Download your copy!

Fan Films Quarterly
Summer 2006 -- FFQ highlights fan films that have gone above and beyond the call of duty by publishing comics based on their films... like us.

Tales of Lara Croft
Issue #5 -- Exclusive interview with filmmakers Nick Murphy and Valerie Perez. (View ad)
Now available for PDF Download

Ultimate DVD Magazine #75, May 2006 -- monthly UK publication packed with up-to-the-minute reviews of new releases, upcoming releases and interviews. (see pgs 54-56)

Southeast Missourian Newspaper
April 9, 2006 -- "Jackson native presents fan film" news article with our Director/Writer Nick Murphy.

"Attack of the Show" - Channel G4
Episode #6037, March 15th 2006 -- Featured story with interviews from the TOTD World Premiere in Hollywood, CA will air at 4pm PST. For those with DirectTV in the SoCal area, this is Channel 354.

-----> Watch the TV footage. <-----

The Land Rover Chronicles
February 2006 -- Behind-the-scene photos of Lara Croft back in a Land Rover!

Tomb Raider PL
28 Luty, 2006 23:40 -- Polskie Centrum for Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Fans magazine
N˙mero 5. Septiembre 2005 -- Free Spanish e-zine article

"Attack of the Show" - Channel G4
Episode #5056, April 7th 2005 -- Featured story with behind-the-scenes on Channel G4: video game television. View screenshots and the TV footage: WMV (3 Megs) | MP4 (28 Megs)

Ny Lara Croft - Jubii M!
March 18th 2005 -- Danish magazine article: Danish | English version*
* - Thank you Kasper Staerk for the translation!

La doppia vita di Lara Croft -
March 3rd 2005 -- Italian online news article: Italian | English translation

Tomb Raider s novom Larom Croft -
March 2nd 2005 -- Croatian online news article. Can anyone translate this for us?

The Sun Newspaper Online
March 1st 2005 -- the UK's #1 newspaper website hosts an exclusive interview with our Lara AND features a photo slideshow!

"The Little Fan Film That Could" - Tomb Raider
Feb 28th 2005 -- Exclusive WonderCon report and eight production photos.

Fan Boy Theatre
Feb 3rd 2005 -- Trailer Report

Tomb Raider
Jan 15th 2005 -- Exclusive feature with interview, production stills and first teaser trailer!

Tomb Raider
Jan 19th 2005 -- WonderCon 2005 event information and three exclusive production stills.

San Diego Comic Con International Magazine
December 2004 -- Lara Croft sighting photo

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