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Pre Production -- Star Date 1234567 (actual non jibberish, Pre-Production, November 2003)

When I tell people I'm shooting a Tomb Raider flick, people usually smile or laugh. As in, whoa, I can't-believe-you-are-that-crazy thing.

Am I crazy?


Thing is, I've always been a fan of Lara Croft. I remember my first experience playing the game. Here was something new, exciting, and bad ass. A female game hero who didn't need saving and in fact would probably save my ass if I were cornered by blood thirsty ninja's.

I've grown to beat most of the games, read the comics up to issue 16 (which started to suck, so I stopped) and I've seen the flicks.

But as I grew, poor Lara slid. There was no truth to her anymore. Gone was the amazement. The games were churned out with a quickness, the comics weren't good anymore, and the movies never quite got it right.

People were sick and tired of Lara.

I found my self too, getting sick of her and realized that what the series and character needed was a turn around, a shot in the arm, an ass kicking.

But what could I do?

My best buddy Val was also a big time L.C. nerd, and she started putting together the costume and diving into the world of Lara. Big Time.

I myself, continued my movie making and attended film school. A few years after that, Val was starting to shoot Lara pictures, and her costume was improving, she was becoming more Lara with each one.

Problem was, the pics were good, but not great, they needed energy as if they were about to jump out at ya.

She asked me to start taking pictures of her as Lara, because she liked my style of camera work and energy I put into the my projects.

I agreed and soon we started shooting. Well, we got better, each photo shoot was becoming more and more bitchin'.

But something gnawed at me, I briefly thought about doing a music video, because it would be easier than doing a whole flick. The world of Lara is quite an undertaking to people with no money.

The music thing wasn't working, I kept thinking about doing a short film. But I felt daunted, I mean, this was going to be huge, how in the hell could I pull this off?

I called Val and told her my idea, she seemed to like it but I told her I says, "Look, I'm not going to start even THINKING about shooting this, unless this, this, and that happens, then I'll think about it."

Well, this, this and that, DID happen. I know. Holy Crap right, sign from The Man.

So we started pre production and it grew and grew and grew, until we decided to shoot our first day of shooting on Feb. 6th, 2004

In order to compensate not having enough money and to do more planning, we all shoot when we can, on a weekend, then plan, plan plan, (save,save, save) and shoot some more.

So, enough pre- let's move on to first shooting day.....

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