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Adventurer and heiress Lara Croft fights to hold on to the last feeling of family she has by tracking down an ancient cure to save the life of her long-time and most devoted friend Winston. The Tomb Raider finds herself competing against the ruthless Wu-Chen Li, a son of a Triad crime boss, with whom she has unfinished business. The quest spans the globe from dangerous forgotten catacombs to the urban mercenary underworld. This action drama is a true testament to low-budget, guerrilla filmmaking and features magnificent original music. A comic book prequel illustrating the history between Lady Croft and Chen Li's mobster family to be published Fall 2006.

World Premiere - February 28th 2006
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RUN TIME: 39 minutes

GENRE: Action Drama

STARRING: Valerie Perez, DC Wolfe

DIRECTOR: Nick Murphy

PRODUCER: Valerie Perez

STORY BY: Nick Murphy and Valerie Perez

STUDIOS: Spoon Pictures and Granted Wish Studios