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A film homage made possible by fans around the globe
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Preview the early versions of Tears of the Dragon's original music:

Flash player controls include volume, stop, forward, etc.
Early clips from the film's score by TOTD music composer Bekki Williams
Action preview (.mp3) 891 Kb
Croft Manor Scene (.mp3) 2.5 Megs
Lara's Showdown (.zip) 2.3 Megs New!
Opening Scenes (.zip) 4.8 Megs New!

Tomb Raider Hard Rock Theme by Nick Murphy
TOTD writer/director composes and sings! Listen to the first draft:
Walk Away (.mp3) 8.3 Megs
Song Lyrics

Mercenary on piano by Albert Fox
Composer Albert Fox makes a guest appearance and plays one of is works on film.
Fuji (.mp3) 891 Kb