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  Valerie  is a green belt in Krav Maga, the official self defense, hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces. She is also experienced in Archery. Her big loves are movies and playing her harp. She started acting in grade school doing community theatre and commercial acting.

She first put on a pair of gun holsters three years ago making appearances at the Las Vegas Shot Show, San Francisco's Wonder Con and San Diego's International Comic Con. See can also be seen as Lara Croft in the GamerTV documentary "Around the World in 80 Games" and briefly on an episode of HBO's Entourage. When she is not the Tomb Raider she is also the Producer and Special FX Supervisor for the film. Click here for larger view

Last year she was featured in the UK Sun Newspaper Online and photographed for San Diego Comic-Con's Update Magazine. She is currently in the May 2006 issue of Ultimate DVD magazine and can be seen in a small role on the re-running Military Channel miniseries "First Command".

Valerie's photo as Wonder Woman at the San Diego Comic Con made a splash in over 20 newspapers and current event sites this July. She is now modeling for comic characters including Paula Peril and artwork for the renown 'good girl' artist Adam Hughes. She is also in pre production on a short film for Atlantis Studios's new comic "Paula Peril" which is an adventure series that can be described as Nancy Drew meets Indiana Jones.

Learn more about Valerie and this homage to Lara Croft in her interview with, in the latest issue of Tales of Lara Croft fanzine and's new Fan Film Spotlight.
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Birth date:: August 30th

Birthplace:: Temple, TX  USA

Education:: Bachelor's Degree in Neuroscience; State Fire Marshal Certified Fire Safety Officer for Theatre and Motion Pictures

Resides in:: Los Angeles, CA