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Meet OUR Lara Croft

The Director shares his view on what makes the Tomb Raider tick...
Click here for full viewWho is Lara Croft?

I want you to forget what you think you know. To you, Lara is probably some over hyped icon, with two lack luster films, a failing video game franchise, and a comic series that is all over the place.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now is the time to put her back on the map, bring her back into the spot light, introduce her to the new kids, the die-hards, and the people who just really don't care anymore. Lara to me is a fascinating character. The problem with Hollywood is they made two films that had some decent elements but were hardly who that character is suppose to be. To me they poured 80 million down the toilet and slapped on a Tomb Raider name in order to draw in business.

Whatever your opinion, and I'm sure it's a good one, to me Angelina did a decent job as Lara, but she wasn't quite her. The writing sucked ! Come on ! Did you know that according to the original origin Lara was raised from a young lass to age 21 in the finest schools and lifestyle that Britain had to offer. Her parents could afford it too, cause they were loaded. Lara was given the best, and her parents expected the best. They gave her love and cherished her. Here she was, this aristocrat figure, raised by a Lord and a Lady.

Wow. That doesn't happen everyday.

Okay, so her fiancée, her parents (and according to what you know, comics or games maybe her butler, but I don't buy that for this one) and herself take a plane ride to the mountains. The Himiylayyas (I don’t care how to spell Himalayas, I am on a roll) and wouldn't you know it, BAM, engine failure, plane crashes, Lara goes blacks out, when she comes to, everyone is dead. Dead.

Here she is, all alone, everything taken away all at once, lost and scared in the Himi----ummm, the mountains.

I don't care who you are, rich, poor, middle class, if you lose the most important people in life, it's going to rip something out of yourself. A loss that can never be brought back, no matter how hard you try to seek the thing to fill that hole.....

Now why the hell couldn't Hollywood do that? That small story, which could be done even in cheap-o montage, would've instantly made Lara a character we could've identified with....and it would've been much more interesting than the origin they went with.

Even though our movie isn't feature length, we have taken the time to add a small reference to her origin story, how it still haunts her to this day. How her families love and memories is the only thing she keeps sacred.

The rest of her is a facade, a cool, smooth, hardened exterior to mask that pain.

Our Lara has issues she has to learn to deal with.

Our Lara kills if she has to. Yup, our Lara is going to get in touch with her dark side, just a bit.

And don't worry hard cores, we are doing our best to throw in a lot of Lara references to the games and the character.

I know that my version of Lara, won't please everybody. But it's the version I've always wanted to see, and all of us are making the sacrifices to achieve this goal. We want people to think she's cool again. And maybe even inspirational, like she use to be.

Remember when you first played the game? How cool it was? How bad ass it was to be able to watch this world unfold for the first time? We do. And so will you when you see our Lara.

Welcome back Lara Croft. It has been far too long.....

-- Nick Murphy

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